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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

House of Trust

Ian Hatcher (Independent, USA) and Stephanie Strickland (Independent, USA)

End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival Exhibition
Wednesday, August 5 • 17:30 - 19:00 (University of Bergen Arts Library)

House of Trust is a generative poem that addresses issues of information access and control in the 21st century. It proposes that free libraries are houses of trust. At the same time, it brings up images of redaction and censorship as well as broaching many concerns about the technical developments associated with information sharing.

House of Trust consciously positions itself in a tradition of e-literary work: it is based on Alison Knowles and James Tenney’s A House of Dust (1967), generally considered to be the first computer-generated poem, which had its beginnings at an informal Fluxus seminar in which Tenney demonstrated how the Fortran language could be employed in chance operations in artmaking.

The work is available online:


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