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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature


Ottar Ormstad (Independent, Norway), Taras Mashtalir (Independent, USA) and Alexander Vojjov (Independent, Russia)

Hybridity Performances and Screenings
Thursday, August 6  20:00- 23:00 (Østre)

Projected on a grid of particles that at times seem ordered, while sometimes chaotic and always in flux, Ormstad's constructed language poetry is exposed and read by the author while performing to Mashtalir's pulsating music and Vojjov's atmospheric scapes in the first two works LONG RONG SONG and NAVN NOME NAME. The first is based on Ormstad's language research project from his second book of concrete poetry from 2004. Here he creates words that may exist or not in any language, and this is related to Vojjov's creation of numbers, geometric forms and abstract shapes. The second work is made from Ormstad's collection of poetic family names used in Oslo, Norway, also here accompanied by Vojjov's world of cosmic shapes. The last track, kakaoase, is based on a printed picture by Ormstad, made of sound poetry where he's playing with the Norwegian language. Most of the words have no – or almost no – meaning, and here Mashtalir's music makes this an exceptional possibility for participating and dancing to concrete poetry!

3 CONCRETE are the first works of a collection created by the Norwegian–Russian duo OTTARAS (Ottar Ormstad and Taras Mashtalir). Alexander Vojjov has created the two first videos. The tracks exists in different versions made for screening and live performance. Raising awareness of electronic poetry and sonic ecology, attracting new audiences to a potent yet to come genre is the inspiration for this collaboration.


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