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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

CELL ROUNDTABLE - The Consortium for Electronic Literature

Sandy Baldwin (West Virginia University), Maria Angel (University of Western Sydney), Leonardo Flores (University of Puerto Rico), Anna Gibbs (University of Western Sydney), María Goicoechea (Complutense University of Madrid), Robert Kalman (University of Siegen), Eric Dean Rasmussen (University of Stavanger), Johannah Rodgers (The City University of New York), Patricia Tomaszek (University of Bergen) and Rui Torres (University Fernando Pessoa)

Friday, August 7 • 09:00 - 10:30 (Sydneshaugen skole: Auditorium R)

For the ELO 2015 conference, we propose a roundtable discussion about the CELL Project. The Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL) is a partnership founded by the Electronic Literature Organization that joins together nine research centers worldwide, all developing online database projects devoted to research in electronic literature (e-lit). The project is currently funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, enabling development of an online index, search engine, and other tools for researching bibliographical and critical material on e-lit.

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