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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

Rest0ration: Kalfarlein 18

Kathi Inman Berens (Portland State University, USA), Alicia Cohen (Reed College, USA), Kerstin Juhlin (Atelier 205, Norway), and Eva Pfitzenmaier (Borealis festival, Norway)

End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival Exhibition
Wednesday, August 5 • 17:30 - 19:00 (University of Bergen Arts Library)

Kalfarlien 18, a home on Fløien designed by Einar Oscar Schou in 1909 and now in need of restoration, could have been refurbished into a facelifted historical showpiece: Schou also designed the National Theater, and the Bergen Kommune recognizes the villa's cultural heritage.  But the villa's owners resist a vision of history that obliterates traces of natural decay.

RestOration: Kalfarlien 18 reimagines the decaying villa as an eco-home quietly rebuffing the rigged hunger for new stuff. 

RestOration: Kalfarlien 18 recreates aspects of the villa even as its purview stretches far beyond the villa.  An ambient soundscape creates a "lived in" homey feeling and moves guests through our interactive installation, to be located in UiB's Humanities Library.  At the center is an e-waste sculpture built on the myth of Narcissus and Echo that triggers aleatory poems when guests touch the trash.  A tablet game features the villa's original architectural drawings and decorative design elements.

RestOration: Kalfarlien 18 is an e-lit ecopoem. Whether it's the faint singing of a woman in the shower, or the functional e-waste, or the satisfying click of an actual Kalfarlien 18 doorknob unlocking pieces of the tablet game -- RestOration juxtaposes the care economy of a home with the dizzying pace and alarming toxicity of technologic obsolescence.

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