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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3 Preview

The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3 (ELC3) seeks to archive a wide array of voices and perspectives from an international community of practitioners. The goal of this volume is to offer a snapshot that reflects the diversity of the current state of electronic literature (genres, platforms, languages, and nationalities) and to archive historically significant works from earlier generations. As with previous collections, the ELC3 Editorial Collective (Stephanie Boluk, Leonardo Flores, Jacob Garbe, and Anastasia Salter) was chosen by the ELO Board of Directors and tasked with curating the current volume. The Editorial Collective considered over 500 nominated submissions to select 75 works including 3 special collections: the Renderings project (translations of international computational literature), a Twitter Bots series, and Taroko Gorge remixes. The ELC3 is slated for online publication in February 2016.

ELC3 Preview Exhibition

This ELC3 preview exhibition includes:

  • A draft of the ELC3
  • An editorial statement
  • A complete list of selected works

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