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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

Play Music for My Poem

Philippe Bootz (Université Paris 8, France) and Nicolas Bauffe (MIM, France)

Hybridity and Synaesthesia
Thursday, August 6 • 17:30 - 18:30 (Lydgalleriet)

The work plays a tension between media and treats the question of control. It is a piece of the “small uncomfortable reading poems” series

Play music for my poem is based on 2 computers that communicate to each other. The first one contains a combinatory generator of sound that plays music for the second computer. The second computer runs a set of 4 combinatory text generators composing a unique poem in 4 stanzas. The music manages the visibility of this text and the reader controls the music generator via a game running on the first computer.


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