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ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature

The Archetypture of Time - The Time of Interaction

Marika Wato (Institute of Digital Art, University of Information Technology and Managment in Rzeszow), Andrzej Głowacki (Institute of Digital Art, University of Information Technology and Managment in Rzeszow) and Grażyna Pietruszewska-Kobiela (Department of Theory of Literature, Jan Dlugosz Academy in Czestochowa)

Panel: Temporalities
Thursday, August 6 • 13:30 - 15:00 (Sydneshaugen skole: Auditorium A)

The electronic media invasion expands notion of a book. We move from the conventional to the unconventional design solutions. It is definitely time to experiment! 

Archetypture Book Series by Andy Glowacki is an experiment at the interface of literature and graphic arts. Its previous parts include The Archetypture of Time (2013), a hybrid book based on the graphic language of QR codes that combines traditional paper medium with the modern form of electronic reading, and The Archetypture of the Magical Reality (2014), a creative book app composed of words, images, and animations that – in addition to some ambitious poetic prose – offer you a great reading adventure that can be controlled by the “rolling of the dice”. 

In literary terms Archetypture of Time is the work referring to the metaphors of chaos, based on the hypertext references, fractal and nonlinear layouts, bringing the discursive narration. This is a post-modern art book shaped by the digital solutions that do not remove in the absolute way the “old medium”, but modify it so that the traditional perception is insufficient. The twilight of Gutenberg galaxy and the analog recording does not in this case mean the final parting with the book.

The book is addressed to cyber being, which – in accordance with the post humanistic reflection – a modern man becomes, using the different gears to improve the body functioning and to modify the senses. The “naked” human eye is vulnerable to the shown records, and will allow reading the work only as a graphic layout, and the encrypted content will remain unavailable.

In parallel with the work on the creation of the book Archetypture of Time we began research on the perception of this interactive literature, creating a method of the text personalization intended for use in the workshop groups. This method allows exploring the latest changes in the style of books reception, which are manifested, as noted by Barthes, by the displacement of the “slow saturation with the traditional text” by the “suddenly coming daze”. It allows observing the changes in the texts’, letters’ and books’ understanding. It draws attention to the strategy of blurring the boundaries between the creator and the recipient, reading and writing, the individual reception and the group reception of the text. The method of the text personalization (designed for a work in workshop groups) contains a few phases: decoding, handwriting, collecting the keywords, creating the mental maps. The method is elastic. The basic framework can be expanded with more phases, e.g. illustrating, reading aloud. 

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